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  • Four Top Tips to Reduce Your Household Energy Bills
    10/01/2022 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Four Top Tips to Reduce Your Household Energy Bills

    With energy prices constantly rising, you might be looking for ways to reduce your energy use at home. Appliances are among the biggest energy users in your household, so optimising your use of these can save you money in the long run. 

    Here’s four top tips to reduce your household energy bills. 

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  • 13/12/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Why You Need to Get Your Appliances Serviced Before Christmas

    What could be worse than a broken oven, fridge or dishwasher on Christmas Day? This is the kind of Christmas disaster thousands experience every year, so it’s important to get your appliances serviced ahead of Christmas to ensure that your festive feasts run smoothly.


    Here’s why you need to get your appliances serviced before the Christmas period begins.

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  • How to clean your oven
    02/12/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    How to Clean Your Oven Properly

    With Christmas just around the corner, now is a good time to give your oven a deep clean ahead of the season’s festivities. Here’s the best technique to get your oven sparkling clean ready for Christmas. 


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  • Four Top Tips to Make Your Appliances Last Longer
    23/11/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Four Top Tips to Make Your Appliances Last Longer

    Appliances can be a large household expenditure when they break, which can be particularly troublesome when they need replacing prematurely. Save money down the line by caring for you appliances now – regular maintenance can help your oven, fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher all last for longer.

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  • Get Ready for Christmas with Our Appliance Checklist
    04/11/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Get Ready for Christmas with Our Appliance Checklist

    Now Christmas is nearly here, it’s time to make sure your appliances are in top condition. Nothing will disrupt your Christmas Day lunch or New Year’s Eve party like a broken oven, fridge or dishwasher 

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  • Broken Dishwasher: Should You Repair or Replace It?
    25/10/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Broken Dishwasher: Should You Repair or Replace It?

    A broken dishwasher can be a bother for both your day-to-day life and your wallet. It’s often the more economical option to repair your dishwasher, but if it has reached the end of its lifespan or if the fault is too complex, it might be better in the long run to invest in a new one. Below, we discuss some factors that impact whether it’s better to repair or replace your dishwasher. 

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  • What To Do if Your Gas Supplier Goes Bust
    07/10/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    What To Do if Your Gas Supplier Goes Bust

    With more than 22 million households in the UK connected to the gas grid, the global gas crisis is likely to impact a huge proportion of the population. Here, we explain what’s caused problems for the energy industry and detail exactly what you should do if your gas supplier goes under. 

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  • 27/09/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Four Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repairing

    If your washing machine isn’t working properly, you may be wondering if the problem is an easy fix or requires repairing by a professional. Below are some key signs that your washing machine has a fault that needs to be repaired.

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  • Gas Vs. Electric Cooker
    10/09/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Gas Vs. Electric Cooker: Which is Better?

    If you’re thinking of investing in a new cooker, you may be torn between a gas and electric model. Perhaps you’ve had a gas cooker in the past and are considering a more environmentally friendly option, or you’re wondering if a gas cooker might save you some pennies down the line.

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  • Top Tips for Cleaning your Fridge
    17/08/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Top Tips for Cleaning your Fridge

    The fridge is an essential appliance in any home and keeping it clean is vital in ensuring that it’s hygienic and stays working effectively. Here, we share our top tips for cleaning your fridge so you can be confident that yours is being well looked after. 

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  • Three signs your oven needs repairing
    03/08/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    Three Signs Your Oven Needs Repairing

    An oven that isn’t working effectively won’t only ruin your dinner but could also become a safety hazard if not dealt with correctly. Here, we share three signs your oven needs repairing so you know when it’s time to stop cooking and call a professional. 

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  • Clean kitchen countertop
    20/07/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    9 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew About

    Have you ever been doing a monotonous task and wondered if there was a gadget that could half the time it takes? In the world of gadgets and gizmos the number of new inventions that can innovate the way you can use your kitchen is continuously growing by the second.


    To save you the stress of crawling the internet for solutions, we have listed our favourite new tools that are promised to make your make your life easier (and leave you with less cleaning up)!  

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  • 06/07/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    How to Recycle Your Appliances Sustainably

    When it is time to replace your household appliance, it can be difficult to know exactly how to dispose of it. Local authorities in England dealt with 976,000 fly-tipping incidents in 2020, an activity that is not only highly illegal but a very unsustainable method of getting rid of unwanted appliances. In this article, we will explain 3 different ways in which you can safely recycle your old white goods


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  • Cleaning inside of oven door
    22/06/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    7 Tips to Keep Your Household Appliances in Good Condition

    If taken care of, your household appliances can perform at an optimal level for a long period of time. However, many people are not aware of the small things we can do to ensure our most relied on appliances are properly maintained. Avoid unnecessary faults and costly energy bills with our top tips on looking after your domestic appliances.

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  • How to Clean Your Kitchen in Less Than 20 Minutes
    08/06/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    How to Clean Your Kitchen in Less Than 20 Minutes

    Your kitchen is most likely the centre of your home, bringing family together to enjoy one another’s company or spending time experimenting with new recipes. As a result, mess can accumulate very quickly.

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  • 27/05/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Integrated Appliances

    If you’re updating your kitchen you may find that you need to choose between having integrated or freestanding appliances. Here, we share the benefits of integrated appliances to help you to make up your mind and create the right kitchen for you. 

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  • benefits of freestanding appliances
    13/05/2021 - CB Domestics 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Freestanding Appliances

    There are lots of decisions to make when updating your kitchen and choosing whether to opt for freestanding or integrated appliances is one of them. Here, we share some of the benefits of freestanding appliances to help you to work out which is the right option for your kitchen.

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  • 27/04/2021 0 Comments
    Three Signs Your Fridge Needs Repairing

    A fridge is an essential part of any kitchen, and fresh food can spoil very quickly if it isn’t working efficiently. Not only does this produce a lot of unnecessary waste, it can add up to be extremely costly over time. To avoid this happening in your home, CB Domestics have summarised the main three signs that your fridge needs repairing.

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  • 13/04/2021 0 Comments
    Tips for Choosing an Appliance Repair Company

    It’s a huge inconvenience when a home appliance breaks, as they tend to be the things you can’t go without on a day-to-day basis. If this happens to you it’s vital that you contact an appliance repair company to help you out, but choosing the right one can be difficult. Here, we share our tips for choosing an appliance repair company, so you know what to look out for.

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  • Cleaning oven
    23/03/2021 0 Comments
    8 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Household Appliances

    It is that time of year again where many of us are waiting for the warmer weather to arrive and starting to think about getting our indoor and outdoor spaces ready for the Spring/Summer. Some of us love a good Spring clean, if not a Summer, Autumn and Winter deep clean too!

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  • Washing machine repair man
    09/03/2021 0 Comments
    Tips for Making Your Washing Machine Last Longer

    We receive questions about how to maintain household appliances all the time, so we have put together a list of handy tips for looking after those all-important washing machines that we cannot live without!

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